Donate Now

Donations to the Roger Ebert Sculpture Project shall be made to the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois. The Foundation will accept the donations and disburse funds as necessary to the Public Art League.

All funds raised in excess of that needed for the sculpture shall be given to 1)The Roger Ebert Film Center at the University of Illinois 2)Ebertfest and 3) The Virginia Theatre in the proportions determined by Chaz Ebert. So, your donations will first go to funding the sculpture and, then to supporting these other Ebert efforts.

Donor Levels

$25,000+ Studio Head
$10,000 Producer
$5,000 Director
$2,500 Leading Actor
$1,000 Supporting Actor
$1-$999 Extra
Olimometer 2.52

Studio Head donors will have their names included in the dedication plaque permanently attached to the sculpture and receive a small maquette of the sculpture. Their names shall be included in all future promotional materials associated with the sculpture.

Producer donors will receive a lost wax bronze maquette of the sculpture and recognition at the sculpture’s dedication.

Director donors will receive a cold cast bronze maquette of the sculpture and  will receive recognition at the dedication.

Leading Actor and Supporting Actor donors will receive a laser inscribed plaque and a certificate of appreciation.

As an additional donation option, those who wish to dine on a gourmet french meal paired with French wines, can do so for $500 a plate. Date and location will be determined by the donor and the host.  Donors will only receive credit for a charitable deduction for $300.00 per plate purchased.

Scultpture Cost Breakdown

Sculpture 90,000.00
Fund Raising Costs 4,500.00
Dedication Plaques & Donor Recognition 6,000.00
Contingencies 2,000.00
Installation & Lighting 10,000.00

Online donations will be processed through the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation.  Acknowledgments of your tax deductible contribution will be provided by the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois.

Please indicate “Ebert Sculpture” in the field titled Designation.